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Implement strategies to be productive, not just busy—
Time Management, Productivity & Accountability support for entrepreneurs

Affordable coaching and accountability options for entrepreneurs, to support you in becoming more focused and productive. YOU have so much to give to the world – let’s make it happen!

Receive support to identify the habits that work for you. Set aside what you think you ‘should’ do and focus on what works best for you.

  • The small, daily habits—the time of day you choose to work, the people that surround (and support) you, your environment

  • Let’s take a close look at the little things in your life. Small changes can have a huge impact!

  • Prioritize activities and receive support in decision making

  • Learn how to create to-do lists that actually work

  • Receive support, encouragement and validation while working toward your goals

  • Avoid procrastination

  • Reduce stress by creating and implementing simple daily routines

  • Receive accountability and learn how to establish it on your own


Monthly Group Sessions on Zoom

  • Topics, dates and times vary each month. Contact me for the current schedule.
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Five-week Group Coaching Class on Zoom

  • Manage procrastination, establish accountability, create to-do lists that actually work
  • Learn tips and strategies to be more focused and productive right away
  • Identify what works for YOU
  • Interactive group discussions; group limited to five participants
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Accountability Coaching via phone or Zoom

  • Individual 60-minute coaching session
  • Support to break down the steps needed for completion of a project, as well as prioritization and determination of a timeline
  • 30 days of ongoing text/email support (frequency established during individual call) for encouragement and accountability
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Individual Coaching

Sometimes we want to receive individual support to focus on our specific needs. Purchase one session, four sessions or a package of twelve. Schedule a Discovery Session (a link to the scheduling calendar is provided below) to discuss the options and determine what will work best for you. Unless different arrangements are made, individual coaching sessions are private sessions, last 60 minutes and are held over the phone.

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“I received outstanding support from Barb when I hired her for an accountability project. She instinctively knew the questions to ask me so I could get clarity on the scope of the project and break down the steps. The check-ins were key for me. When I hit a wall and considered putting the project on the back burner, I reviewed the steps and was able to continue. I have a plan that will take me through the entire year! Thank you, Barb!”

Entrepreneurial Support Client, RL, Colorado

“Barb is an amazing coach. She has lots of wisdom and insights as well as being an encourager. Over the past year I have been working with Barb, she has helped me by talking through my goals and, more importantly, my action steps to achieve those goals. She is great at challenging—in an empowering way—my thoughts and choices so I can see what they really look like while helping me to understanding how my daily habits fit into the bigger picture. I also appreciate the accountability in the few areas I have asked her to hold me to, so I can stay focused in achieving both professionally as well as personally. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

Entrepreneurial Support Client, JC, Pennsylvania

“You gave me the courage and the confidence to go forward instead of giving up on my business goals. Joining Newcomer’s Group, Writing, and book club have been the best new experiences that opened new doors—directly from your coaching and brainstorming with me. You have been the best accountability partner! Supportive and firm, you helped me stay on track making calls and setting appointments. Thank you so much!”

Entrepreneurial Support Client, CW, North Carolina

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